About me

Paweł WacławikI was interested in wildlife and nature and in photographing it already in primary school. I was then strongly impressed by Wł. Puchalski’s photo albums and wildlife movies from the “Man and Nature” (Człowiek i przyroda) series. I have always been especially tempted by birds and insects. In my youth I used to rush through forests and fields chasing more or less movable objects of wild nature. At the beginning they were of course non-skittish, commonly met animals, as I was growing up however, my expectations towards myself were increasing and the “appetite was growing”.

My first works were black and white photographs on ORWO negatives, developed by myself in my “home-made” darkroom (organised in the bathroom properly adjusted for the purpose). Zenit E was my first reflex camera. I have come a long way through various types of analog Praktica cameras to Canon, to whom I have been faithful until today. At present I am taking photographs by a digital reflex equipped with lenses of this company relevant for a given need and situation.

Paweł WacławikWith time my interest developed into passion, as hobby seems to be too delicate a word to describe this state of mind and soul. Currently I devote each free minute of my time to nature observation and photography. I am also trying to infect my wife and son with this positive “virus”. My passion is a form of an escape into a different world, away from grey and dull everyday life and constant chase for every single thing.

Dynamic, situational photos showing interesting scenes from animal life I find most valuable. I simply adore the thrill of emotion connected with observing and photographing wild nature from short distance while I remain invisible for animals. For in such situation they behave in most natural way therefore the effects achieved by the photographer are most interesting. The world of birds and insects is so rich and consists of so many different species, that there shall always be something interesting to photograph. Immortalising each new species constitutes great satisfaction for the author, therefore as long as mankind does not destroy whole wildlife the photographer shall still have challenges to face.

Paweł WacławikNature photography is for me a never-ending lesson about nature, plants and animals, their habits and behaviour. It is a lesson of persistence and patience in striving towards the aim, that is towards the best possible shot. Photographs are pictures catching the moment and showing nature often in a form one does not see every day. That is why I have so much pleasure in preserving it in the form of colorful pictures and in the possibility of sharing it with others. Nature photography constitutes a never-ending chain of challenges, trials and tests for or, to be more precise, on a photographer. Very often hard work, arduous and long preparations necessary to “catch” wild and skittish animals are unsuccessful, that is do not result in a satisfactory photo. Very often waiting long hours under cover for an animal ends in a complete fiasco – not a single shot is taken. Situations like this one constitute a training of strong character and obedience for a nature photographer, however this very impossibility to predict and plan a perfect shot is what attracts nature photographers so much and what motivates them to undertake following challenges. Good nature photography consists of many various ingredients the presence of which in the same place and time is very difficult to achieve and often independent from a photographer. A nice and interesting photo may therefore grant its author vast satisfaction and compensate the effort and sacrifice related to it. Everyone who has ever tried to take it knows it perfectly well.

Paweł WacławikIn nature photography I mostly appreciate the unique and volatile aspect of a moment it catches. At the same, as every other nature photographer, I would like the magic an beauty contained in the photos to contribute to the increase of ecological awareness of the society, which shall further result in care about what is still left on the Earth.

I am a member of the Union of Polish Wildlife Photographers (ZPFP). My photographs were printed in numerous magazines, such as National Geographic (Polish edition), Foto, Foto-Kurier, Las Polski, Woliera, GDT Forum Natur Fotografie as well as in albums, calendars and folders. I have participated in a number of works’ exhibitions of the members of the Mazovian ZPFP district. My works won numerous prizes and awards in photographic competitions, among them in Włodzimierz Puchalski competition, so important to me.

Welcome to the gallery. I wish you many pleasant experiences and memories.

Paweł Wacławik